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Trellises and Plant Supports

As an archi­tec­tur­al ele­ment for the gar­den­er, the trel­lis (treil­lage) serves to accent and sup­port a spe­cial climb­ing plant but trel­lis­es have a mul­ti­tude of pur­pos­es in the land­scape. Sin­gu­lar­ly or in tan­dem, they cre­ate screen­ing and ver­ti­cal­i­ty for an out­door room, can be used to cam­ou­flage an unsight­ly area, or be pure­ly to add a beau­ti­ful sculp­tur­al frame­work to a plant­i­ng area.

Met­al trel­lis­es offer an added advan­tage, for they will not rot or buck­le under the load of a ful­ly grown vine. Wrought iron pro­vides a strength and longevi­ty that can reli­ably sup­port your long-term peren­ni­al plant­i­ngs. Our wide range of sizes, styles and shapes are can be self-sup­port­ing, or addi­tion­al­ly wall mount­ed, with trel­lis­es, pylons and top­i­ary sup­port options for the con­tain­er gar­den­er and land­scape design­er alike.