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Fireplace Grates

Use a Hearth Grate to hold logs, pro­tect­ing the fire­place floor and increas­ing air flow. Our Min­ute­man Hearth Grates are avail­able in a vari­ety of in both Tapered and Non-Tapered stan­dard sizes, to fit your fire­place needs. All grates are made from stur­dy 1 18″ x 34″ dia­mond sec­tion for strength and dura­bil­i­ty. An option­al Ember Screen will con­tain burn­ing wood embers for a hot­ter, more effi­cient fire, and a match­ing ash pan makes clean-out easy and convenient.

To deter­mine which Hearth Grate will suit your needs, first mea­sure the width of the front open­ing at the floor. Then mea­sure the width of the back of the fire­box, at the base of the rear wall. If both mea­sure­ments are equal, choose a straight, Non-Tapered Grate. If the front is wider, you will need a Tapered Grate. Next, deter­mine the grate width, allow­ing at least two inch­es of clear­ance from the grate to each side wall. Last, mea­sure the depth of the fire­box from the front open­ing to the back wall and select the cor­rect width grate, with the depth, 14″ or 17″ that will fit inside.