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Cast Iron Firebacks

Why use a Fireback?

While many peo­ple think of our Fire­backs as being pure­ly dec­o­ra­tive, sol­id cast iron fire­backs first absorb and then radi­ate the heat direct­ly into the room, mak­ing the fire­place much more effi­cient at heat­ing the house. They also pro­tect fire­brick, increas­ing the life of the fire­box and help­ing to pre­vent fur­ther dam­age to an aging fire­place. Fire­backs are designed to rest on the floor of the hearth, but fire­back sup­ports may also be used to hold the fire­back upright and raise it off the hearth if extra height is desired. All our fire­backs are designed for use with both gas logs and wood burn­ing fireplaces.

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