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For cen­turies, the bench was the only seat­ing avail­able to the com­mon peo­ple. Con­struct­ed like stools, the sim­plest bench­es had a long plank or split log form­ing the seat and four stur­dy legs wedged into holes bored at the ends. Bench­es have evolved into a whole fur­ni­ture cat­e­go­ry with many styles that cre­ate places for rest, reflec­tion and inti­mate con­ver­sa­tion. Whether enter­tain­ing in your out­door room, seek­ing a spot for qui­et con­tem­pla­tion beneath a beau­ti­ful land­scape tree or gath­er­ing around the firepit in the cool evening, these bench­es will help you spend more time liv­ing in your landscape, 

Our Wrought Iron Bench­es are pow­der­coat­ed for a long-last­ing and nat­ur­al look­ing met­al fin­ish. Our Wood­en bench­es are made from sus­tain­ably man­aged Euca­lyp­tus Gran­dis wood, inde­pen­dent­ly cer­ti­fied in accor­dance with the rules of the For­est Stew­ard­ship Coun­cil. The fur­ni­ture is fin­ished with Nat­ur­al Lin­seed Oil or a UV-resis­tant polyurethane-based paint. For longest enjoy­ment of these pieces, we do rec­om­mend bring­ing fur­ni­ture indoors or stor­ing under a water­proof cov­er dur­ing extreme weath­er months.