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Wall Mount Flower Box Brackets

Wall Mount Flower Box Brackets


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These sim­ple and stur­dy Wall Mount­ed Flower Box Brack­ets come in four sizes to fit a wide range of planter sizes. These paired brack­ets are affixed indi­vid­u­al­ly to the wall or rail accord­ing to your desired spac­ing. The flower box is secure­ly cap­tured with­in the front and back rails. A small flo­ral detail tops each brack­et. Use SFB-01 with Small Gal­va­nized (C-08) and Small Cop­per Plat­ed Flower Box­es (C-08C) Use SFB-02 with Medi­um Gal­va­nized (VFB-05) or Medi­um Cop­per Plat­ed (C-20C) Flower Box­es or Embossed Flower Box (C-04) Use SFB-03 with Large Gal­va­nized (VFB-06) or either Large Cop­per Flower Box (C-21/C-82C) Use SFB-04 with larg­er flowerboxes

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