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Sunflower Trellis

Sunflower Trellis
  • Sunflower Trellis with Side Panels


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A native species to our con­ti­nent, the Sun­flower is the most quin­tes­sen­tial of Amer­i­can gar­den flow­ers. It was first domes­ti­cated by the native peo­ple of Ari­zona and New Mex­ico who cul­ti­vated it for use as food, tex­tile dye, build­ing mate­rial and med­i­cine. Span­ish explor­ers then took the seed to Europe where it thrives today, a ubiq­ui­tous fea­ture of gar­den and agri­cul­ture alike. The Sun­flow­ers Trel­lis cel­e­brates this glo­ri­ous flower, in a large-scale arched cen­ter trel­lis and smaller optional side units. Side trel­lises can be placed in line to cre­ate a screen, or at an angle to form a niche or gar­den vignette. Once staked into the ground, the trel­lis can be addi­tion­ally sup­ported with wall brack­ets.

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