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Square-on-Squares Garden Trellis

Square-on-Squares Garden Trellis


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The Square-On-Squares Col­lec­tion was inspired by Mod­ern architecture’s fas­ci­na­tion with right-angled shapes. The over­lap­ping squares to cre­ate a group of clean and sim­ple designs that cross over from Mod­ern to Crafts­man. This many items avail­able will cre­ate a uni­fied theme for your land­scap­ing. The Square-on-Squares Trel­lis is solid­ly-built with a light and airy feel­ing that pro­vides a large plant sup­port with­out being over-pow­er­ing. Using the Cen­ter Link, pieces can be joined to form a con­tin­u­ous screen. Use as a divider, pri­va­cy screen or along a build­ing or wall. Once the legs are staked into the ground, the trel­lis can be addi­tion­al­ly sup­port­ed with wall brackets.

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