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Hexagonal Copper Trays, set of 3

Hexagonal Copper Trays, set of 3

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9"L x 8"W x 1"H
Stainless Steel, Copper Plated
Set of 3 trays
UPC: 719908341916

As with our entire col­lec­tion of cop­per trays, these Hexag­o­nal Cop­per Trays are so ver­sa­tile and styl­ish, you will find a mul­ti­tude of uses for them through every sea­son. Arrange them in a clus­ter or line, use togeth­er or sep­a­rate­ly for enter­tain­ing, plants, or show­ing off a col­lec­tion. Straight sides and a sim­ple rolled edge cre­ate a clas­sic look that will devel­op a nat­ur­al cop­per pati­na over time.

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