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Fretwork Benches

Fretwork Benches


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Eucalyptus Wood


The Fret­work Fur­ni­ture pieces use a tra­di­tion­al bas­ket-weave back design with slat seat style that gives a clas­sic gar­den look, equal­ly at home with Arts and Crafts or clas­sic Eng­lish Gar­den styles. The coor­di­nat­ing fur­ni­ture and planter box­es can be used to cre­ate mul­ti­ple seat­ing arrange­ment pos­si­bil­i­ties with a uni­fied design theme.

All Fret­work Bench­es are made of Eco-friend­ly sus­tain­ably har­vest­ed Euca­lyp­tus Gran­dis wood and fin­ished with a UV-resis­tant polyurethane-based paint, or Nat­ur­al Oil fin­ish. To ensure the long life of unpaint­ed fur­ni­ture, reap­ply oil as need­ed to pre­serve the col­or and fin­ish of the wood. We also rec­om­mend bring­ing wood fur­ni­ture indoors or stor­ing under a water­proof cov­er dur­ing extreme weath­er months.

All our items are handmade therefore dimensions may vary slightly.
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