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Eucalyptus Rockers

Eucalyptus Rockers


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Eucalyptus Wood


Noth­ing is a more quin­tes­sen­tial­ly “sum­mer­time” than enjoy­ing the view, greet­ing passers-by and sip­ping lemon­ade in the clas­sic porch Rock­er. Our ACHLA Designs®Rocker has gen­er­ous pro­por­tions and is stur­dy and com­fort­able for young and old, on the porch or patio, in town or by the sea. Rock­er is avail­able in White and Black. As with all of our wood fur­ni­ture, this rock­ing chair is craft­ed from eco-friend­ly sus­tain­ably har­vest­ed Euca­lyp­tus Gran­dis wood and fin­ished with a UV-resis­tant polyurethane-based paint or Nat­ur­al Oil fin­ish. We also rec­om­mend bring­ing wood fur­ni­ture indoors or stor­ing under a water­proof cov­er dur­ing extreme weath­er months.

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