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Glass Bell Jar Terrariums

Glass Bell Jar Terrariums


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The pas­sion for the ter­rar­i­um dates back to the obses­sion for plant col­lect­ing in Vic­to­ri­an Eng­land. As more peo­ple live in urban envi­ron­ments, the ter­rar­i­um is mak­ing a big come­back with a mod­ern twist, bring­ing the minia­ture green world indoors. Our clear glass Bell Jar can pro­tect your young or frag­ile spec­i­mens from harsh changes in tem­per­a­ture and humid­i­ty or be used to cre­ate a micro gar­den as a ter­rar­i­um. These repli­cas are based on the tra­di­tion­al shape used for 17th and 18th cen­tu­ry gar­den cloches. The jar can be lift­ed off of the match­ing dish for easy access to plants.

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