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Patio Herb Planter

Last Mother’s Day I stacked three of our gal­va­nized con­tain­ers to make an herb tow­er for my patio. Rais­ing the flower carafe up a bit would add some col­or above the ground and all my herbs would be in one place, right out­side the slid­ing door from the kitchen.

For the bot­tom, I used our largest gal­va­nized oval tub, (C-71) then the medi­um embossed one with a cute scal­loped rim, (C-52) then put the gal­va­nized flower carafe (VWJ-01) on top.

PT-25_style_03I drilled 8–10 14 in. drainage holes in the bot­tom of each tub and a few in the carafe as well, since they are designed and sold as water­tight. Plas­tic con­tain­ers were invert­ed and used as sup­ports for the top two pieces. I made a home­made pot­ting mix from coir, com­post and a good amount of per­lite and ver­mi­culite. The soil need­ed to be light, so the planter could be moved, and to hold water so it wouldn’t have to be watered every day.

I dug some peren­ni­al herbs- chives, mint oregano and lemon thyme from an herb bed and used two vari­eties of basil start­ed from seed, Napo­le­tano and Ser­ra­ta. I bought a few more plants- tar­ragon, a var­ie­gat­ed sage, and a gold­en thyme, for col­or and tex­ture, to round out the col­lec­tion, and also stuck in a few nas­tur­tium seeds, for the bright edi­ble blooms and nice blue-green foliage. It was packed pret­ty full. Here it is just after plant­i­ng, but by season’s end, it was lush!

PT-25_style_02PT-25_style_04This year I’m going to do a sal­ad bowl- stay tuned!


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