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Stacked Salad Planter

StackedSaladPlanter_z0StackedSaladPlanter_z2Here is the same stacked con­tain­er com­bi­na­tion plant­ed with cut-and-come-again sal­ad greens.

I start­ed with some let­tuce vari­eties cho­sen for their diver­si­ty of col­or and tex­ture- Bronze Arrow­head, an oak­leaf, and Curled Simp­son, both loose-leaf types, Man­til­lia, a char­treuse but­ter­head, and Cos, an upright romaine. Ford­hook nas­tur­tium is plant­ed in the flower carafe, and though the leaves are not sal­ad greens, the edi­ble flow­ers have a pep­pery taste and give a sal­ad a dash of bright color.

I added soStackedSaladPlanter_z1me seeds — Pot of Gold con­tain­er chard, Red Russ­ian kale and wild arugu­la, to use as baby greens, and to fill in once the weath­er gets hot­ter and the ini­tial round of let­tuce is har­vest­ed. For sal­ad all sea­son, some new let­tuce seedlings can be added for a late sum­mer crop.


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